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MRD Employee Spotlight: Beth Bidelman

Today, our spotlight is on Beth Bidelman, Zone Manager for MRD Government Portfolio

We have the best team in the business! Each month you can meet one of our AWESOME employees who make our success possible! Get to know us by getting to know WHO we ARE! We are MRD!

The Getting to Know you questions

  • 1. First, tell us how long you’ve been at MRD?

  • As of this time, Dec 18th, it was 10 years but I think a total of 14 years.

  • 2. What do you like most about MRD?

  • The people I work with. Good bunch of people here, let alone the people at Corporate. They actually help make the days that are kind of rough better. Like Missy from Whitney and Price, if I am having a bad day, I call her. Her laugh gets me out of my bad mood.

    Isn't her Laugh the best?

    It is!

  • 3. What is your proudest moment at MRD?

  • I guess I would have to say the year I met Outstanding Accounts under 1%! I think that was a year and half ago or so. I was like YEAH! It was .98% so I sent all my staff an email and said “WE MADE IT”!

  • 4. What motivates you to work hard?

  • It is something that my parents taught me to do every single day. It didn’t matter what your job was, just do it good and complete your tasks

  • 5. Who is your hero?

  • It’s not an employee, it’s my husband. He stuck by me through thick and thin. He would always be very encouraging to me when I would come from work. He could tell if I had a rough day, whether it is the full of the moon when everyone goes crazy on us. He would say “Sit down and talk to me about it, I will listen”. I would say oh it was actually a good day and he would say “Well make something up then”.

  • 6. Best advice you have been given?

  • Just the way I was raised, my parents always told me “Not to lie, always tell the truth because no matter what it will come back. Just be truthful and honest, that will help you in your life.” I found that to be very true whether it is personal or in the professional world.

  • 7. If you could choose to do any job for a day, what would it be?

  • Any job for one day…it would have to be a nurse. I wanted to be a nurse when I graduated from high school but instead I had two wonderful children.

  • 8. If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

  • Right now, it would be North Carolina, where my daughter is. Wilmington right on the coast. It is gorgeous. I can’t wait for my next trip back in April for all of our birthdays.

  • 9. What was your childhood nickname?

  • Oh, my word! Bethy Dawnee Bell! I honestly don’t know how that came about. My aunt started calling me that. My middle name is Dawn. Elizabeth Dawn. Oh, now John Robison (COO) will probably call me this instead of Beth Renee, which I have no idea where he got that from! LOL, that is not my name!

  • 10. What's 3 things left on your bucket list?

  • I know #1 is go to Ireland and visit the castles. I am going to do that for my 60th birthday which is not too far off. I am doing that with my sisters. #2 Go on a cruise and #3 Be happy again (after loss of her beloved husband).

  • 11. Favorite things to do on your days off?

  • Actually, I love watching movies. I watch them over and over again. Can you believe my favorite is Science Fiction! I love Sci-Fi. Star Trek! I am a Trekkie! But in the summer, I love working outside whether it is here at the property or at home. I love working in the yard.