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MRD Employee Spotlight: Maurece Pahl

Today, our spotlight is on Maurece Pahl, Resident Manager for Foster Apartments in Gladwin, Michigan.

We have the best team in the business! Each month you can meet one of our AWESOME employees who make our success possible! Get to know us by getting to know WHO we ARE! We are MRD!

The Getting to Know you questions

  • 1. First, tell us how long you’ve been at MRD?

  • 27 years, started when it opened in April 1988. So, I have been here for 29, I was the second resident, I think. A manager left and I applied for it. Anyhow, 27 years working here and in the apartment for 29!

  • 2. What do you like most about MRD?

  • Depends on what day it is! They have always been really good to me. I wish I heard from John (COO) more often ;)

  • 3. What is your proudest moment at MRD?

  • Probably when I got sent the MRD Messenger newsletter and I was in it. I had no idea! It was a really nice article. Also, I have great residents. When we had our 3 year Government inspections, the inspectors interviewed residents and they praisde me on keeping everything so neat and clean. That makes me feel good. In 2012 as the inspectors were going out the door, they told me we were “At the top of the list for curb appeal and lowest findings in the MRD Portfolio so far. My Zone Manager said “You should be happy, did you hear that?”. I replied, “I was probably one of the first inspections for MRD they have done” and he replied, “You were the very last!”. That made me feel good!

  • 4. What motivates you to work hard?

  • So, I have a place to live (laughing). I have just always been like that. I am wearing out a bit this past year. I raised my kids, worked here and worked at the hospital full time as well. It is home to me! I know I couldn’t just live here and not work here, I would freak out! I would have to check the halls every day and make sure everything is clean, the lawn mowed…the list just keeps going (laughing).

  • 5. Who is your hero?

  • My grandparents. They gave me my work ethic and they were really hard working people. My mother and I lived with them for several years while my dad was in the Service.

  • 6. Best advice you have been given?

  • This question stumps me! I am 77 years old and I have been given a lot of advice.

  • 7. If you could choose to do any job for a day, what would it be?

  • I would like to be a cashier at Walmart, Kmart. Just to see all the people come through. I have always wanted to do that but not as a permanent job (laughing). I am just back here at my little 24-unit Apartment building and I don’t get out often.

  • 8. If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

  • Hawaii. I went first in the second grade and then almost 18 years ago, my daughter was in the Navy there. I spent 2 ½ weeks over there. I would love to go back there. It is absolutely beautiful.

  • 9. What's 3 things left on your bucket list?

  • Visit Hawaii again. I just want to live long enough to see my grandchildren turn out and what their life is going to be like. They are my second family.

  • 10. Favorite things to do on your days off?

  • Are you kidding? (laughing) I don’t have a day off. I rarely have a day off. I still bowl one night a week. My grandson plays football, basketball and baseball and an A student. That is my thing in the evenings or weekends to go to his games. He is really good at sports and such a good kid.