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MRD Employee Spotlight: Mary Kay Bensley

Today, our spotlight is on Mary Kay Bensley, Property Manager for Traverse City Auto Mall in Traverse City, Michigan.

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The Getting to Know you questions

  • 1. First, tell us how long you’ve been at MRD?

  • First of all thank you, I am honored to be a Spotlight recipient! I have been with MRD for quite a while, I believe I started in maybe 2000. So probably 17 years.

  • 2. What do you like most about MRD?

  • So over the years I have really liked this job it gives me some autonomy and flexibility. MRD has always been there to help when I have needed help.
    It (Traverse City Auto Mall) is a niche property, light industrial. Sometimes that type of tenant can be high maintenance. Even though it is a commercial property, many of the mechanics and auto related business owners might not have a business sense. They are skilled in their trade and sometimes can be higher maintenance on the business end of their rental. I have appreciated that MRD has been helpful to me in keeping things together there, in line and moving along. Sometimes hard decisions need to be made and you just keep moving forward.
    I feel like there is a strong backbone in place with MRD.

  • 3. What is your proudest moment at MRD?

  • Well hopefully it has been longer than a moment! Certainly as a Manager we have had 100% occupancies over some time. That always needs to be celebrated! I would say that is really what we strive for is full occupancy. There are lots of pieces to leases and if we can keep it kind of tight, it is a good day!

  • 4. What motivates you to work hard?

  • I strive for finding that really sweet spot, that nice balance between landlord and tenant. When it is a WIN-WIN situation it feels good for everybody. As the landlord, people are happy and leases are fulfilled then job well done. It does work both sides. Tenants are motivated to be good tenants when they are happy and feel valued.

  • 5. Who is your hero?

  • My hero…I need to give my nod off to the Firefighters from 9/11, going back into those towers. Taking care of people for the greater good. That I think was probably the most heroic display of heroism in my lifetime.

  • 6. Best advice you have been given?

  • Very good question. The best advice is really the GOLDEN rule, treat others as you hope to be treated yourself. I think that also applies in the business world with good ethics. Good business ethics are way to display in the professional world a way of treating others the way you hope to be treated. So I try to live up to the GOLDEN rule.

  • 7. If you could choose to do any job for a day, what would it be?

  • My dream job if I had a do-over, would be different than what I am doing now. It is kind of my hobby. I would be a grand type of Landscape Architect. I love formal gardens; those are my happy places in this world! Make me the Director of the New York City Botanical Gardens, something really big like that!

  • 8. If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

  • Somewhere warmer and south, I am going with San Diego.

  • 9. What was your childhood nickname?

  • MK! Just MK!

  • 10. What's 3 things left on your bucket list?

  • #1 Travel- I need to see more of Europe.

    #2 Hike the National Parks

    #3 Hiking the trails in Northern Michigan. We have a book and list and we are hiking these trails.

  • 11. Favorite things to do on your days off?

  • Might sound a little crazy but I love to cook! Ideal day is going to the Local Farmer’s Market getting some really high quality food and cooking! I turn the music on really loud and she MAY OR MAY NOT dance too!